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Free copy of Australian Boating Magazine 3:40pm, Thu 10 Nov 2016

Download this free copy! The editor, Peter Webster, launched Australian Boating (AB) way back in 1973, and over the years, has been on just about every waterway and fishing ground in Australia. A professional boating photo-journalist, he has tested hundreds of boats of all shapes and sizes in a career stretching back some 40+ years. He is a passionate DIY, fishing and sailing enthusiast, and has owned and operated dozens of boats from 3.0m tinnies to 16.0m game boats, in mono, cat and tri configurations.

Tip:  As soon as the magazine has downloaded, (that usually takes 30-60 seconds depending on your internet coverage) to keep the magazine permanently, where it can be accessed in seconds, 24/7, do a 'SAVE AS' to your desktop, AB folder, or 'My Documents' - whatever suits. And if you wish, you can then download the issue to a tablet, smart phone or laptop.
Best reading: Go up to "View" then "Page Display" and then "Two-Up", and in the same drop-down, click on 'Show Cover Page During Two Up' . It then reads beautifully like a regular magazine.

Most readers like to view the magazine in two page spreads initially, before settling back down to read in whatever format they like - mostly, single pages, enlarged to about 115%.
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