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Langford Reef
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   I know just the place

I know just the place.... 4:11pm, Tue 29 Nov 2016

We know you want to experiencing more, get off the beaten track, go where no other has gone before to experience more from your holiday. Do you want goose bumps or your hair to stand on end.

Get a locals perspective on whats best, where do the locals hang out, tips and ideas, historical land marks, discover the unexpected, immerse yourself in the locations flora and fauna.  To leave feeling like you've truly been touched by a place.

I know just the place... The Whitsundays.

The Great Barrier Reef - armed with just a mask and snorkel you can visit another place on earth. A place we can only dream about, a place that isn't confined to human routines or mortgages. A place that grows, lives and evolves!

I know just the Place...

Whitehaven beach - anchor up for the night and watch the sunrise over the southern rocks, drenching the sand as the sun reaches the morning sky, swim ashore and sink your toes into silica white sand, so soft it feels like your walking on marshmallows...

I know just the place...

Sail into Nara Inlet where you feel a sense of safety, the walls of the inlet hug you, welcoming bareboats to safe anchorage. Climb the staircase to explore more of the inlets history,  this ancient sacred place has its own tales to tell, cast back to a dreamtime story.

Bareboating holidays leave you with memories that last a lifetime, set adrift with just your family and friends and your boat for accommodation you get a sense of quality time.
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