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South Molle lookout
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   I know just the place South Molle Island

Whitsundays most incredible lookouts, you don't want to miss! 7:14am, Fri 02 Dec 2016

On a recent Whitsunday bareboating adventure I discovered a few places that were completely off the beaten track. Places where not much had been written or said about them, so it occurred to me as a local wanting others to explore more of of my backyard I should tell someone about these "incredible lookouts"  

Many of the islands have great lookouts but they are not widely published or if they are they are not easy to find! This is my locals "most incredible lookout" number 1.

First up is a real hidden gem on the island of South Molle, this lesser known lookout is called "Spion Kop". To access the shorter section of the walking track you can anchor in Bauer Bay, which is why it's probably one of the lesser known.

Bauer Bay on South Mole can be rollie in certain weather conditions making it an unpleasant spot at times, this is a great day time hang out but not recommended overnight. Also to note the resort is closed to the public, and the moorings are not currently surveyed for public use - so it has an air of "don't visit me" about it. However, the national parks are fully open and are even accessible to mountain bikes, if you please... Shh don't tell anyone who owns an amphibious peddle cycle!

Back to the look out. The walk is a gentle undulating stroll through open grass land covered with native Black Butts and grasshoppers, along your way you can see different aspects and islands in the distance. Allow 3 hours return to your boat.

Once at the top you are greeted by a fantastic vista 360 degree views of South Molle and the adjacent islands. You can extend this walk if you wish to include Mt Jeffries. Allow an extra hour.

I don't want to give away too much in regards to the look out vista more so to advise readers on how and where to find it and what you might expect along the way.

Stay tuned for more of my incredible lookouts....

Written by Sharon McNally GM at CCY, self appointed Whitsunday ambassador and keen hiker.
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