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Hill Inlet Lookout
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Part 3 - Most Incredible Lookouts, You Don't Want To Miss! 3:55pm, Thu 08 Dec 2016

Lastly our most famous Whitsunday lookout -Hill Inlet. If it's all vista and very little effort you're into then Hill Inlet lookout is for you.

This is an easy 1.3 km walk can be done in thongs if necessary. Allow 1.5 hours, mostly to take in the views. Access is via Tongue Bay where you'll find a handful of moorings but mostly good anchoring.
Make sure you bring your dingy well past the tide line on the beach when going ashore. You don't want to be swimming back to the boat here. Tiger sharks have been seen in this bay possibly because of the abundant turtle life.

The walk starts with a staircase of large rocks but this is the hardest part, mostly shady it has great rest spots where you can take in the Ngaro peoples stories by way of interpretive signage.
Best time to visit is low tide and when all the day boats have left.

At the end of the gentle walk the lookout will amaze you. The shifting champagne swirls if the inlet below is an eye-popping sight but this lookout also provides a spectacular view along the whole 9km of Whitehaven beach and a stunning vista across to Esk and Border islands. Take time to observe the sting rays basking along the beach below.
Take a hat and water, once you reach the lookout you'll want to stay a while not only to take in the views but to read up on the fantastic information.

If you want to extend this walk bring your towel and 'hang-a right' on the way down to Bettys Beach, which you could described as Whitehaven's little sister.

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