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Day 1 - Briefing at Abell Point Marina and Sailing to Long Island 1:12pm, Wed 04 Jan 2017

The Briefing:
Our sail guide Terry arrived just after 8:30am to run through the boat and area briefing. The kids and Mum took a dip in the Airlie Beach Lagoon while the rest of us heard horror stories of blocked toilets and running into reefs. All in all the briefing was informative and provided us with everything we needed to know about the boat, AV system, Raymarine navigator and running gear. The hard part -the sails - was the next to come.

We motored out of the marina full of anticipation about what the days ahead would be like. We set a short course towards pioneer rocks and then spent some time going though anchoring procedures and completing the required radio checks and log ons.

Setting Sail:
Turning into the wind for the first of many times to come, we hoisted the main sail, turned off 40 degrees, set the head sail, shut the engines off and we were sailing! The days sailing took us past Pioneer Rocks, south down Molle Channel, through Unsafe Pass into the Whitsunday Passage and then back past Daydream Island where we dropped the sail guide off. Everything had gone swimmingly well with the sail guide showing us small adjustments to make. Problem was, we knew how to make the adjustments to the sail but not when we needed to do it!

Needless to say the sail from Daydream to Long Island took a little longer than we expected but it was clear we had starting our sometimes tempestuous relationship with Destiny.
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