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Day 2- Happy Bay to Whitehaven Beach 1:19pm, Wed 04 Jan 2017

(continued) We arrived at Long Island a bit later than expected but were happy to be there. After an early dinner and many requests from the toddler to go swimming, we sort an early night.
In the morning we tendered to the island to explore the island walks.

After breakfast and back aboard Destiny we were all keen to get sailing given we had a fair bit of distance to cover and the sailing crew had few wrinkles to iron out.

Our days sailing took us around the northern end of Long Island, across the Whitsunday Passage (without a single tack and decent wind!) to the north of Henning Island, between Whitsunday and Hamilton Islands through Fitzalan Passage, past Turtle and Chance Bays, through Solway Passage and to the western side of Hasslewood Island.

While Destiny did come into the wind a few times we were reaching a negotiated comfort with the boat. A favourable wind direction made for a more direct route and we spent most of the day sitting between 7 and 8 knots. The highlight was cracking 8.2 knots under sail coming past Turtle Bay!

Relaxing afternoons:
After setting the anchor we made preparations for sunset - Moet, cheese and nibbles and our afternoon exploration of the beach.
It had been a long day sailing for the kids and they loved running up and down the pristine sand beach and it didn't take long to find there way in to the crystal clear warm waters of the Whitsundays.
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