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Day 4 - Whitehaven Beach & Torres Harold Bay 1:57pm, Wed 04 Jan 2017

We spent all morning and part of the afternoon on Whitehaven. David and Margaret took the opportunity to walk the track from Whitehaven, across Whitsunday Island to Chance Bay, looping back around through the track lined with hoop pines and pandanus. The track was shaded, a total change of scenery and a welcome change from the heat and sun of the beach.

Jen, Rob and Kaitlyn spent the morning on the beach watching the coming and goings the boats.
It had been a big morning and as the sailing crew pulled the anchor and set sail for Turtle Bay, Kaitlyn took the opportunity for a long sleep.

Our peaceful sail was disrupted as we passed Chance Bay with the scream of a reel. Jen abandoned captain duty and jumped on the end of the rod. After a short struggle we had a nice 70cm-ish school mackerel aboard that would serve us well for dinner.

There were a number of boats in Turtle Bay so we had a scout around and found a small bay to the East that would provide good protection and was enclosed by reef. Best of all, there were no other boats!

With the anchor set, we headed out in the tender to explore the bay and ended up around the corner on a beach in Crayfish Bay. En-route we saw many turtles and even two large turtles mating. On the beach Jen found a collection of exquisite shells that had been well preserved through the decades. It's these small treasures that made exploring so much fun.
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