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Day 6 -Tongue Inlet to Cateran Bay 2:19pm, Wed 04 Jan 2017

Our journey took us on the eastern side of Dumbell Island and with a few tacks we were safely anchored on the northwestern side of Cateran Bay as there was another boat on the single available mooring.

Jen and Margaret took the opportunity for a snorkel while Kaitlyn had a sleep in the Tender with Rob who was providing snorkel support.

An unexpected shower during the night and our first night of continuing northerlies lead to a late start. Kaitlyn, still disappointed that she had missed out on seeing Jen's fish from the day before, was keen to go fishing so she put her little rod down over the back and caught her first ever fish.  It was a small but beautiful reef fish that we released.

The leisurely morning allowed us to see the coming and goings of the many tourist boats that were coming in to do the walk across to Hill Inlet that we had done the previous night in isolation.
After seeing little blue inflatables being loaded to the hilt we were pleased to be aboard Destiny and able to set our own itinerary.
After going for a short dive to retrieve a snagged fishing line and sitting down to a nice breakfast of bacon and eggs (during two plungers of coffee) we upped anchor, set the sail and headed for Boarder Island and Cateran Bay.
It was a good sailing day. After some advice from Craig (Scarlett) on the email, and some more sail tinkering, we had Destiny sailing and turning well.
The combination of sharper turns for tacking as well as having the headsail in tight, but further out on the traveller made the boat sail a lot better and reduced instances of coming around.

Once moored safely, we dropped the tender and headed across to the small beach at the end of the bay. Kaitlyn, Jen and Rob built sandcastles and decorated them with all sorts of shells, sticks and rocks. Preliminary investigations that afternoon also confirmed that we should go exploring the hills that sat above the Bay in the morning.

Cateran Bay was good for the conditions, with a little roll from the northeasterly winds.
Before turning in, we noticed the abundance of massive batfish that had congregated under the boat as well as a large grey shape that we were quite unsure of.

While the conditions for snorkeling were not 100%, the snorkeling was some of the best of the trip. Kaitlyn achieved a major developmental milestone at Cateran Bay, learning how breathe through a snorkel while floating with Jen above the wonders that lay beneath. While we had practiced and spoken about how cool snorkeling was, Jen and Rob were very proud parents when their three year old (nearly four) managed to put it all together. This would be the first of many snorkels for Kaitlyn over the next few days- and once she had discovered the wonders of the underwater world there were many, many requests of mum, dad, can we go snorkeling please!

Our afternoon was interrupted by a thought about the tanks we forgot to empty en-route, so after a trip back out to sea, we returned to Cateran Bay to find the Bay empty and the single mooring available for us to pick up.

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