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Snorkelling (Image Kieran Lusk)
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Day 8 -Butterfly Bay 3:16pm, Wed 04 Jan 2017

After a restful night's sleep (with the exception of a few midnight trips to the front of the boat to sort out the banging mooring buoy) we rose to a picture perfect sunrise over smooth water. As we were eating breakfast David pointed out four goats who were making their way along the rocks lining the eastern side of the bay- an interesting sight and not something we expected to see on the Whitsunday Islands.

After breakfast we took to some boathold chores including rubbish, sweeping, cleaning and washing before heading out for a snorkel on the western side of the bay following some advice
from our sail guide on the first day that this is the best coral in the bay. And right he was, we snorkeled quite a few sites in the bay during our couple of days there and this site defiantly provided the greatest variety of coral and fish, not to mention having almost 100% coral coverage.
Jen and Margaret had a great snorkel, all by them selves out in the deep water, returning with tales of big fish and terrific coral. This of course led to Kaitlyn wanting to go out in the deep water and to jump off the back of the boat like everyone else to go snorkeling. Rob of course obliged and after some initial concerns about the bottom being a long way away, Kaitlyn was off - kicking around here and there, floating and pointing at every single fish!

The rest of the day was spent just meandering around the bay and the deck. As the day went on, the conditions improved and the bay became very popular. At one point were sure we would need to move for the night, but just as we were thinking about whether to stay at Maureen's Cove or Luncheon Bay, a mooring became available just after 3pm, which meant we were able to stay for another night.
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