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Langford Reef   (image Tanya Putti)
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   Day 10

Day 9- Langford Island, Reef & Blue Pearl Bay 3:23pm, Wed 04 Jan 2017

An early start had us around the northwestern tip of Hook Island, past Hayman Island and moored up next to Langford Island with plenty of time to prepare for the morning activities including a dive on Langford reef for David and Rob and a trip to Langford Island for Margaret, Jen and Kaitlyn.
The conditions were good for diving, despite a little surface chop created by the continuing northwesterly wind.
David and Rob covered a lot of ground due to the current that was running. While there was abundant coral and fish life, the highlight of the dive was the largest turtle that either had ever seen, sitting underneath a large bommie.
Wanting to save some air for a third and final dive later in the trip, this was a short dive and rather than fight the current back to the boat Rob and David opted to come up next to the island and wait for a pick up.

Jen Margaret and Kaitlyn soon turned up ready for more sandy adventures and exploring which they did while the boys cleaned up the dive gear and restocked the fridges and freezers.
Just after 11am, we dropped the mooring - that was now in high demand from a number of other boats - and headed around the south-western point of Hayman Island to Blue Pearl Bay.
The conditions at Blue Pearl were absolutely fantastic. The easterly aspect of the bay sheltered it from the now predominantly northwesterly winds and the water was a amazing clear blue color.
We pulled up for lunch and snorkeled the reef, which was again a stones throw from the back of Destiny. After confirming the suitability of the anchorage of overnight with Cumberland base, we decided to stay for the night.
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