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Stonehaven (image Airswing Media)
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   Day 11

Day 10 -Blue Pearl Bay, The Pinnacles & Stonehaven Anchorage 3:25pm, Wed 04 Jan 2017

After an early start and Kaitlyn requesting banana, pear, apple and peaches on her Weet-Bix it was all systems go to get the dive gear ready. We had observed a number of tourist boats diving in a few locations, and after consulting the 100 magic miles, decided to dive to the south of Castle Rock. Rob and David loaded the tender and set off to the beach. After waiting for the sun to come up from behind Hayman Island, David and Rob started their decent, only to surface again quickly after realizing Rob's mask was missing a lens! A quick tender back to Destiny to pick up a replacement lens we were off on what would be the most spectacular dive of the trip. After dropping to 10-12 meters Rob and David just followed the countless trenches that were covered with coral and full of life. As time and air started to become limited, we went up to 3-5 meters and navigated back over the top of the coral covered trenches that we had earlier traversed. After seeing a black tip reef shark the grand finale to the dive was meeting the resident Maori Wrasse that is about the size of a fully-grown human - it was extraordinary!

After the obligatory organizing, we set sail around the northern end of Hayman Island and tacked for the Pinnacles - a protected bay that we had seen earlier in the day and which is reportedly one of the best dive sites in the central group of Whitsunday Islands.

After lunch and some snorkeling, reality started to set in that this would in fact be our last night on Destiny. We made our way past Mantra Ray, Luncheon and Butterfly Bays as we headed for Stonehaven We dealt with the impending end to our holiday in different ways, Jen packed and organized, Rob was in denial and held on to hope that there might be enough
air left in the tanks for a last early morning dive in the morning - hence there was no point in packing up, Kaitlyn was bratty. David and Margaret packed, organized and cleaned.
On arrival at Stonehaven just before 3pm, there were no moorings left (a phenomenon difficult to comprehend) so we dropped anchor and headed for the small beach on southwestern side of the anchorage.
After a lot of rock climbing and collecting more precious shells and rocks, we headed back to
Destiny and enjoyed a bottle of Bolli while watching the sunset. Over dinner we recounted all of the terrific experiences of the holiday and planned all of the sailing techniques we would no doubt perfect on our trip across the passage in the morning.
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