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Local secret revealed... 2:13pm, Wed 08 Feb 2017

I am constantly being asked by charterers when is the best time to travel in the Whitsundays? Hands down it has to be... MAY & JUNE!!!

WHY? I hear you ask..
The Whitsundays have the most gorgeous tropical weather year round, however in May and early June you'll find a clarity, warmth and air quality at its best, picture this..
Light winds propelling you to your next anchorage, the sun gently kissing your shoulders on board your own unique accommodation bareboat amongst the 74 Whitsunday Islands.
Pure heaven right? Believe me when I say it gets better...

Stepping out of the heat of summer you will experience sun filled days with less humidity, the sparkling blue water calling to you to dive in and cool off whilst the marine life dance below your feet.
After the wet season the Whitsundays is alive, lush and green making for the best landscape photos from the many National Park walks, set to test your fitness and tantalise your eye balls with 360 degree views of mountains meeting the shoreline.
Let's not forget after the rains the likely hood of seeing waterfalls when stopping in places like Nara Inlet, don't forget to check out the Aboriginal cave paintings and interpretive signage as well.

Have I convinced you yet?, well it is even easier on the purse strings. With great rates and flight specials, plus nobody knows about it yet .. Still not convinced, you will just have to take my word for it and come try a Bareboat charter for yourself.
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