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Whitsunday Charter Boat Briefing
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Yeah! I know boats...I've swashbuckled bilges before.... 10:56am, Tue 28 Feb 2017

So you wake up in the morning feeling a little bit worse for wear and curse yourself for opening
that third bottle of red and slowly make your way to the kitchen. It's a scene of destruction after
last night's dinner with your best friends but who cares, it was a great night. But then foggy
conversation pieces start to float around your head, "Yeah! I know boats..I've swashbuckled
bilges before.... I used to have a Jib & tiller!. Yep, let's charter a boat...

You now come to the realisation that maybe you may have embellished some of your past
nautical experiences and although you're actually quite excited about chartering a boat in the
Whitsundays you feel that your skill level is not up to Jessica Watson level.

The answer is...ask Cumberland Charter Yachts about our extra sail guide training package.
Now before we go any further, No. we're not going to get you up to 'Sydney to Hobart' standard
but we will try to get you to the stage where you are excited about going it on your own and
really looking forward to putting everything into practice.

Let's start the day.
We start with an area brief.  We have a chat about the Whitsunday Islands and some of the
things you need to know. This is not a Test You don't need to know the date Capt. Cook
sailed past Daydream Island. This is more about which side of a Marine marker to go and what
depth of water you can anchor. We will also tell you the best spots to go snorkeling or where to
go to get the best sunsets.

Now the boat brief. We are going to show you how the boat works and where things are, little
things like life jackets & fire extinguishers. Most of the larger boats have generators or inverters
to allow you to have 240 volt power while on the water so we need to make sure you know how
these things work.

At this point don't wait until we are a couple of hours into the boat orientation to say, "oh by the way I need to do more shopping, I just can't go out without my favorite cereal.

This is your day. You are paying an instructor to teach you how to handle a boat and this can
only be done by getting out there on the water and doing stuff. The more time you spend in the
marina the less time you will have on the water.

Right! Time to 'Cast Off'. Now depending on time frame I like to spend a little bit of time
explaining how to park the boat. You may have already decided that you are going to call in at
Hamilton Island but now you're having second thoughts because you didn't realise the boat is as
big the Costa Concordia. Let's practice getting the boat along side and tied up. Once you get
the hang of it, you will be happy to show off your skills.
So now we're actually out of the marina with wind in your hair the first lesson is 'How to anchor a boat' (and still be in the same place next morning). We will spend as much time as you want in getting this right, it's not difficult but we do want you to use our technique. We then move on to picking up a mooring which is heaps easier.

If you have decided to charter a sailboat now is the time to put the sails up and see what all this
sailing stuff is all about. We will explain which sail to put up first and how to 'trim the sail' and for the next few hours practice things like 'tacking, gybing & reefing'.
Towards the end of the afternoon I prefer to let you completely take over whereby you start from scratch by putting up the sails and sail me back to Abell Point to drop the anchor, all the time I'll be watching to ensure you've been taking notice.

Once were back outside the marina it's time for your briefer to jump off and set you free to explore the Whitsunday Islands, only it doesn't end there. Now that you're on your own, we are going to keep pretty close tabs on you through your whole charter. We will speak with you everyday on the VHF radio and offer advice on where to go next for the best fishing spot also keeping you updated on our local weather conditions. You can call us anytime if you are unsure about any aspect of your charter.
So, now with visions of Russell Crowe hanging off the side of the bow in 'Master & Commander'
you can confidently face your friends and say "yeah" I've got this covered".
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