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Zan's top 5 must stop snorkel spots 3:11pm, Wed 22 Mar 2017

The Whitsundays is littered with fringing reef amongst the 74 spectacular Islands.
And jumping on your own very own Bareboat is the perfect way to explore all the magical things that happen below the water's surface. After exploring the Whitsundays these last three years and chatting with all our lovely past charterer's, I have compiled my favourite snorkel spots tried and true. Print this off and add it to your itinerary you will not be disappointed.

Number Five: Langford Island
Zan's WOW rating ***
Great visibility of coral formations, dense vegetation and a sandy bottom making a perfect spot for turtle sightings. The added bonus is... beach access this is a great spot for beginners gaining confidence in the water. I highly recommend a swimming noodle for a relaxing coral and turtle viewing session.
HINT: Use caution navigating the fringing reefs and scattered bommies between Langford and Black Islands. (use a look out at all times) 100 Magic miles reference: PG177/C12\

Number Four: Blue Pearl Bay
Zan's WOW rating:****
Utilising the Southern beach of Hayman Island, you can snorkel in an open sea aquarium, with hundreds of colourful species of fish to keep you entertained as they dance in front of you. You will notice a shallow coral ledge then deep drop off of 10-15 metres. Donít be surprised if you see some bigger fish in these areas ( Giant trevally, Maori Wrasse, Coral trout).

Number Three: Butterfly Bay
Zan's WOW rating:****
This is a popular anchorage for Bareboaters with free public moorings and fantastic snorkelling opportunities. You will be delighted with the cheeky fish used to human interaction, who will tickle your cheeks as they explore your snorkel and mask. The most colourful coral bommies are found in the centre of the bay, difficult to locate in high tide.

Number Two: Luncheon Bay
Zan's WOW rating:*****
With such deep water, anchoring is not advisable, but never fear there are free public moorings here too!! Enjoy the gorgeous views and don't forget to come up for lunch (hence the name).
You will be dazzled with the coral cover and the fish who call it home, Don't forget to keep an ear out for fish chomping on the coral as you explore the underwater wonderland of the Luncheon Bay.

Number One MUST STOP SNORKEL SPOT .... Maureen's Cove
Zan's WOW rating:*************
I may be slightly biased as this was my first EVER snorkel experience and I have, to be honest, I was petrified!! But once I laid eyes on the bright blue scales of the resident Maori wrasse "Elvis" there was no turning back, I was in love.
Day boats frequent this spot for their snorkel experiences as there are so many fish sharing such a small cove making for the best snorkelling I have ever done!.

Upon hiring your charter vessel your snorkelling equipment will automatically be put on order with the local dive shop "Aqua Dive", conveniently located at Abell Point Marina. All your snorkelling equipment comes complimentary with your charter fees.

Reference: 100 Magic Miles 10th Edition, Published 2014 (Windward publications Pty Ltd)
Penned by: Zan Schubert
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