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Is Bareboating for me? 4:13pm, Thu 18 May 2017

Is Bareboating for me?

Do you own your own boat, sailed in your younger years, crewed with friends on a sailing adventure?

You don't have to know how to sail to go bareboating, Cumberland Charter Yachts has you covered with a selection of Motor Catamarans from 35-44.5 feet. If you prefer a little variety in life, why not hire a Sailing Catamaran that you just motor around the gorgeous Whitsunday Islands?

What does it mean to go bareboating? Does bareboating mean you have to be naked? this is a question that I hear more often that you would think.  NO, we are not baring all as we float around in the sun on the bow nets of our own private catamaran. To go bareboating is to charter a vessel, fill it with your friends and family and experience a unique style of holiday.

What will I Experience if I go bareboating with Cumberland Charter Yachts? Picture this, you step off the plane your airport shuttle is there to greet you. A short ride to Abell point marina (CCY base), where you are greeted with a smile from your local briefer and a trolley for your luggage. As you take a deep breath of fresh saltwater air you are taken to your "hotel on the water". You will receive a comprehensive briefing, depending on your skill level and area knowledge this can take 3-4 hours. With the briefing, out of the way you are ready to go bareboating.

Cast off the bowlines, motor out of the marina and you are off to explore the 74 Whitsunday islands.     You are now the captain of your own charter adventure, explore the stunning Nara inlet and the Aboriginal caves nestled in the mountain and the top end of the Inlet, accessible by dinghy (supplied with every charter vessel). Snorkel with the marine life that calls the Whitsundays home, if you have time after greeting turtles and laughing at batfish, make your way to Butterfly bay at the top end of Hook Island and say hello to the resident Maori Wrasse affectionally named "Elvis".

Why should I go bareboating instead of our annual overseas holiday? I hear you ask...                        The Whitsundays Islands are a unique destination, it is one place that will not disappoint. I can promise you 7 nights is never enough with secluded bays, stunning inlets, bush walks, beaches and free public moorings whether it is day or night the Whitsundays has something to excite everyone.

Penned Zan Schubert 

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