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Sail Guides

So your planing a bareboating holiday in the Whitsunday but your questioning your level of experience.. Albeit in Queensland there are no licence requirements we need to ensure you have some boating know how and knowledge.
Has it been a while since you've been on a boat? 
Have you never cruised the Whitsundays before??

As captain of your own craft you will have many decisions to make. If you feel apprehensive about your ability to handle your vessel why not take advantage of our sail guide hire?

Cumberland will ask for a resume of your boating experience prior to arrival. This questionnaire will ask you questions like - have you ever chartered before? Have you owned a vessel before? Have you been in charge of a vessel overnight? Do you know how to anchor, pick up a mooring and read tide tables? Do you know how to tack, gybe and read channel markers?

Take the time to try our experience calculator and take our hints for increasing your experience level.

Cumberland vessel briefer will show you how your vessel is rigged and explain the detailed workings to you as part of the free briefing. 
If you want get the most out of your holiday, consider taking our "SAIL GUIDE" on board for a few hours extra.

Take the stress out of learning new boat skills, get your crew up to speed and feel confident in your boat handling skills. 

Even the most experienced skippers can find the first couple of days charter quite daunting and exhausting taking in the safe operation requirements of an unfamiliar vessel, whilst also training the crew (whether family or friends) to safely assist with boat handling. 

Our SAIL GUIDES are all experienced briefer with many hundreds of hours on the water, all have commercial marine qualifications and minimum of inshore yacht master certificates. Whether you're a complete novice or an experienced sailor, utilising the services of a SAIL GUIDE is a really great start to a wonderful holiday offering you a friendly knowledgeable guide onboard who will: 

Provide you with a wealth of knowledge and information about the beautiful Whitsundays.
Give you the 'inside info' (Secret Briefer' Business) on all the best snorkel and dive locations, safe anchor and maybe some tips on the best fishing locations.
Familiarize you with the yacht, its systems and handling. 
Help with the sails and anchoring (every boat is unique).
Ease you and your family into your Whitsundays experience focusing on.
Safe docking and departure from marina berths, including the safe handling of dock lines.
Anchoring techniques (ensuring that you have minimised any chance of dragging).
On board safety (man overboard etc).
Navigate the Whitsundays - If you are an experienced sailor or aiming for yachtmaster or coxswain qualifications, brush up on your Navigation skills (true/magnetic courses, chart work and simple position fix and taking bearings).
Safely pick up moorings and make fast.
Tack, gybe with confidence and safety, practice all points of sail, reefing, furling and sail handling.

The sail guide will be on board for about 3 hours depending on your level of competency. This cost is $200.00 including transfers if required. 
If - after the first day you do not feel confident in your ability to handle the vessel we can arrange for a qualified sail guide to stay with you until you are completely comfortable with your vessel. 
This cost is $355.00 per day and the sail guide’s food must also be provided along with a private cabin to sleep in.

Not sure if sailing is for you or have you always wanted to learn how to handle a boat correctly AND get qualified?

We suggest you contact your local sailing club and see what is available in your area.  

When you have made a booking with our company we give you access to our Online Charter Centre. Your charter centre has all your online requirements such as Agreement To Hire and miscellaneous hire details. We also ask you to complete a comprehensive resume of your boating experience. This is then perused by our operations staff prior to arrival.

If our staff feel that your experience may be lacking or they need to obtain more information they will call you prior to commencement of charter and discuss the different options with you.