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The Cumberland team are committed to delivering best-in-class experiences for in the stunning surroundings that we’re lucky to call home. Based in the Whitsundays, our services gives customers the chance to cruise around 74 islands, including the infamous Hamilton Island, to see the true, iconic beauty that the region is known for.

Hire a vessel and get going – choose from catamarans, yachts and more

With over 40 anchorage spots to choose from and a complete fleet comprising of yachts, catamaran and various boats to hire, we have a number of options to suit each occasion. Best of all, our team have a collective 30 years’ experience within the industry, allowing us to share both an insight and knowledge into the very best of a boating experience.

All of our vessels are fully-equipped with all the luxuries and facilities that you require, allowing you and your good company to enjoy a peace of mind, comfort and convenience.

Unforgettable beauty

There’s a lot to see around Hamilton Island and the Whitsundays that will more than create ever-lasting memories. With flawless environments, pristine waters and some of the very best in tourist destinations, each cruise around the region offers impressions that won’t quickly be forgotten. It’s with this at the forefront of our business that we continue to offer our customers tailor-made experiences with flexible boat, catamaran and yacht hire.

Read what our customers have to say about their time with Cumberland, below.

Most Recent:
16 Nov 2009
Seawind 1000
Kick N Back

Chartered: 01 Nov 2009

Firstly, thanks to the Cumberland staff for all their support from booking, to prepping the vessel, to briefing, and taking care of us while we were out in the Islands.  Everything worked great!  The coaching from Sue, Graeme and the staff was appreciated, and helped us enjoy every single day we spent out in the Islands.  Setting out, Geoff's thorough review of all the handling procedures, local area items, and safety brief got us on our way feeling confident sailing across to our first night at Nara Inlet.  I also know that there is a tremendous amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to prep the vessels, and keep everything running smoothly in the office, and we appreciate that as well.

Our favorite spots on the trip were Chalkies and Blue Pearl Bay.  We also really enjoyed Esk, Stonehaven, and hiking to Betty's beach near Tongue Bay.  We were able to get sails up almost every day, and had lots of fun cruising around, enjoying the sights, sounds, and atmosphere.  The kids had a great time riding around in the dinghy, and couldn't get enough of jumping off the boat for a swim. The reef life was just spectacular, and the water in the Northern anchorages was gin-clear!  The best thing was we could snorkel, swim and dive to our hearts content without being rushed back to a resort cattle boat as we would have been on a tour.   Planning passages was a piece of cake with helpful advice from the team at Cumberland over the radio scheds every day.  Even though we were on the smallest cat, we found we had plenty of room to stretch out and relax.  The Seawind was easy to maneuver, and a breeze to sail (no pun intended).

I enjoyed everything about our picture-perfect sailing holiday.  I cannot recommend it highly enough. We spent some extra time in Airlie on our return admiring the rest of the fleet so we can plan our return booking.

The crew
1. The crew by Richard.

Launch the boarding party!
2. Launch the boarding party! by Richard.

Man-overboard!  Fist mate takes a dip
3. Man-overboard! Fist mate takes a dip by Richard.

Little fisherman with his first GT
4. Little fisherman with his first GT by Richard.

Yes the water really looks like this -  only better
5. Yes the water really looks like this - only better by Richard.

Happy crew!
6. Happy crew! by Richard.

Look out on watch
7. Look out on watch by Richard.

Marooned in paradise
8. Marooned in paradise by Richard.

Kick'N Back at rest, waiting for the trade winds
9. Kick'N Back at rest, waiting for the trade winds by Richard.

Last Supper before reluctantly handing back the keys
10. Last Supper before reluctantly handing back the keys by Richard.

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