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The Cumberland team are committed to delivering best-in-class experiences for in the stunning surroundings that we’re lucky to call home. Based in the Whitsundays, our services gives customers the chance to cruise around 74 islands, including the infamous Hamilton Island, to see the true, iconic beauty that the region is known for.

Hire a vessel and get going – choose from catamarans, yachts and more

With over 40 anchorage spots to choose from and a complete fleet comprising of yachts, catamaran and various boats to hire, we have a number of options to suit each occasion. Best of all, our team have a collective 30 years’ experience within the industry, allowing us to share both an insight and knowledge into the very best of a boating experience.

All of our vessels are fully-equipped with all the luxuries and facilities that you require, allowing you and your good company to enjoy a peace of mind, comfort and convenience.

Unforgettable beauty

There’s a lot to see around Hamilton Island and the Whitsundays that will more than create ever-lasting memories. With flawless environments, pristine waters and some of the very best in tourist destinations, each cruise around the region offers impressions that won’t quickly be forgotten. It’s with this at the forefront of our business that we continue to offer our customers tailor-made experiences with flexible boat, catamaran and yacht hire.

Read what our customers have to say about their time with Cumberland, below.

Most Recent:
Shirley - A1H 0C7, Newfoundland Canada
25 Jan 2011
Elite 4000P
Blueberry Hill

Chartered: 31 Oct 2010

This is our second adventure with Cumberland Charters in the Whitsundays.  The service provided by the staff is outstanding and the vessels are fabulous!  The story of our latest adventure is detailed below.ENJOY!

Twas late one night on a Newfoundland dock, when the plan came into place
Wed fly off to Australia, Airlie Beach would be our base.
We met with Sue and Johnnie too, with smiles upon our faces
An introduction to our craft, and we were put through our paces

On Halloween night it was quite a sight, as the Pirates came into view
Neils shaven head caused Shirley dread, Daphne and Eddy too
Stonehavens calm and beaches with Palm, was booty enough for this lot
Butterfly bay remains to this day, one of our favorite spots

The starlit nights were quite a sight, as our Cat would gently toss
We spent some time sipping our wine, beneath the Southern Cross
Hamilton Island came into view, and a visit was in the making
On One Tree Hill, we got a thrill, sunset shots were taking

Whitehaven beach was next in our reach, and snorkeling at Chalkies a wonder
As Oprah would say when she had her stay, I love this land Down Under
Cumberland Charters with Steve and the rest, made all of our dreams come true
Whatever we needed twas there with a smile, nothing that they wouldnt do

So all of you Pirates and all of your crew, when seeking adventure and fun
Whitsundays the place at a leisurely pace, land of no worries just Fun
Pack your bag lightly and count down the sleeps, a lifetime adventure awaits
Cumberland Charters wont lead you astray, just call and set up the dates

As for the crew, in one year or two, its back to Australia we go
But while we wait, sadly our fate, is peg legs in two feet of snow
The parrots asleep, and nary a peep, does he make till he wakes with a sigh
And then a fine squawk, as hes now learned to talk
Aussie Aussie Aussie , Oi Oi Oi.

Shirley & Neil
Daphne & Eddy

Cruising Away From Airlie Beach
1. Cruising Away From Airlie Beach by Shirley.

Neil's New Look for Stonehaven
2. Neil's New Look for Stonehaven by Shirley.

Pirates Take Over the Ship
3. Pirates Take Over the Ship by Shirley.

It's Soooo Good to be Here Again
4. It's Soooo Good to be Here Again by Shirley.

Evening overlooking the Marina on Hamilton Island
5. Evening overlooking the Marina on Hamilton Island by Shirley.

Sunset on Hamilton Island
6. Sunset on Hamilton Island by Shirley.

The Place of our Dreams- Passing Whitehaven Beach
7. The Place of our Dreams- Passing Whitehaven Beach by Shirley.

Snorkelling on Chalkie's beach
8. Snorkelling on Chalkie's beach by Shirley.

Stonehaven - We don't want to go home!!
9. Stonehaven - We don't want to go home!! by Shirley.

Nara Inlet
10. Nara Inlet by Shirley.

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