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The Cumberland team are committed to delivering best-in-class experiences for in the stunning surroundings that we’re lucky to call home. Based in the Whitsundays, our services gives customers the chance to cruise around 74 islands, including the infamous Hamilton Island, to see the true, iconic beauty that the region is known for.

Hire a vessel and get going – choose from catamarans, yachts and more

With over 40 anchorage spots to choose from and a complete fleet comprising of yachts, catamaran and various boats to hire, we have a number of options to suit each occasion. Best of all, our team have a collective 30 years’ experience within the industry, allowing us to share both an insight and knowledge into the very best of a boating experience.

All of our vessels are fully-equipped with all the luxuries and facilities that you require, allowing you and your good company to enjoy a peace of mind, comfort and convenience.

Unforgettable beauty

There’s a lot to see around Hamilton Island and the Whitsundays that will more than create ever-lasting memories. With flawless environments, pristine waters and some of the very best in tourist destinations, each cruise around the region offers impressions that won’t quickly be forgotten. It’s with this at the forefront of our business that we continue to offer our customers tailor-made experiences with flexible boat, catamaran and yacht hire.

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Most Recent:
05 Sep 2010
Beneteau 43

Chartered: 28 Aug 2010

We had one week to complete our mission: Explore the Whitsundays Bareboat Charter.

A good de-briefing on day one sent us on our way across the Whitsundays Passage, with some excitement and trepidation for what lay ahead; our journey was soon to be an exciting adventure!

As the waves washed against the hull, the pressures of normal life also washed from our minds as we began our mission.

We explored inlets and sheltered in coves early to bed and early to rise with some exhilarating sailing.  In between all this was great food, sundowners and conversation what could really top it off would be to see some wildlife!

We were not to be disappointed:

A Marlin fish jumping through the water;
A turtle, that after three breaths, we still couldnt catch on the camera as he circled the boat in the evening;
A pod of dolphins, passing the boat on a morning sail;
Sea eagles flying high and circling their nest on land at Cid Harbour;
Snorkelling with the many delightful coloured coral and fish;
After many claimed sightings of whales in the distance, we were delighted on our last day when, screaming in to Airlie Beach on a swift reach at 8.2 knots, we slowed down  to be blessed by the sight of a whale and her calf words cannot describe,  nor a camera reflect that special moment.

Mission accomplished with some extras!

Surging ahead!
1. Surging ahead! by Mark.

What a view
2. What a view by Mark.

The crew
3. The crew by Mark.

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