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The Cumberland team are committed to delivering best-in-class experiences for in the stunning surroundings that we’re lucky to call home. Based in the Whitsundays, our services gives customers the chance to cruise around 74 islands, including the infamous Hamilton Island, to see the true, iconic beauty that the region is known for.

Hire a vessel and get going – choose from catamarans, yachts and more

With over 40 anchorage spots to choose from and a complete fleet comprising of yachts, catamaran and various boats to hire, we have a number of options to suit each occasion. Best of all, our team have a collective 30 years’ experience within the industry, allowing us to share both an insight and knowledge into the very best of a boating experience.

All of our vessels are fully-equipped with all the luxuries and facilities that you require, allowing you and your good company to enjoy a peace of mind, comfort and convenience.

Unforgettable beauty

There’s a lot to see around Hamilton Island and the Whitsundays that will more than create ever-lasting memories. With flawless environments, pristine waters and some of the very best in tourist destinations, each cruise around the region offers impressions that won’t quickly be forgotten. It’s with this at the forefront of our business that we continue to offer our customers tailor-made experiences with flexible boat, catamaran and yacht hire.

Read what our customers have to say about their time with Cumberland, below.

Most Recent:
21 Jan 2012
Seawind 1000
Kick N Back

Chartered: 14 Jul 2011

After chartering  Lazyitis from Cumberland, my sons and I were keen to return.   We convinced the wife and she decided to come along this time on Kick n Back.
Due to high wind on the first few days, we had to be on the west side of the main islands. There was  cloud and a little rain. This was a blessing for it caused us to do different things to what we did last year.  This time we visited the inlets and did the walk trails including Whitsunday Peak and Whitsunday Cairn. The solar panels that recharge the batteries dont work in cloudy weather.  We had to bring forward our planned visit to Hamilton Island by two days to recharge them. An unexpected benefit was we then had sufficient days afterwards to head down to Burning Point, Shaw Island. As we left Hamilton Island for Shaw Island on the morning or our fourth day the glorious weather with ideal < 15 knot winds commenced. It did not change for the remaining seven days.
One of our objectives was to photograph our mascot, a rubber duck, at as many of the 20 designated campsites around the charter area. To do this we had to be very mindful of the given tides and winds.  We got to ten of them. Many had to be accessed by dinghy from safe anchorage up to 4kms away.  We also searched for informal trails marked by blue flotsam.  We only discovered this informal trail marking at the end of last years trip.  This year we discovered three more of them. The boys also hoped to give mum the experience of a rough night in Butterfly Bay.  The previous visit we had been buffeted and swung about all night by strong bullets of wind.  However this year, the wind was calmer and a catamaran is more stable. The variety of fish and sea-life seen this visit, was much more than the previous visit.
We need to come back again. We still have another ten more campsites to photograph.  But really we do not need a reason especially when it is all made so hassle free by friendly and helpful assistance from the Cumberland Staff.

Two sticks at Hill Inlet
1. Two sticks at Hill Inlet by Kelvin.

Lazy skipper in Dent Passage
2. Lazy skipper in Dent Passage by Kelvin.

Whitsunday Cairn view to Border Island
3. Whitsunday Cairn view to Border Island by Kelvin.

Pentecost Island
4. Pentecost Island by Kelvin.

Butterfly bay entry bommie watch
5. Butterfly bay entry bommie watch by Kelvin.

Aussie bums discussing the moaring
6. Aussie bums discussing the moaring by Kelvin.

Sunset at Butterfly bay
7. Sunset at Butterfly bay by Kelvin.

A blue trail marker
8. A blue trail marker by Kelvin.

Friendly fish
9. Friendly fish by Kelvin.

BBQ Duck in Gulnare Inlet
10. BBQ Duck in Gulnare Inlet by Kelvin.

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