Happy Bay

Type Approved Anchorage

A quiet anchorage with some nice walks on the island. The resort is now closed and no facilities available. Anchor only as moorings have not been surveyed. Take care not to hook up on a mooring rope.


Resort is closed at present (updated Nov 2019)

Shelter in

North East to South West.


Resort owned moorings are available for a fee.


Fishing is permitted - check the 100 Magic Miles for details.

Be careful of

If coming north to the resort, check the tides and wind as strong currents between Spit Point and Long Island will slow you down if you're travelling against it! Do not plan to stay overnight if winds are forecast from the North-West as the moorings are exposed to these conditions.


Break free resort offers a range of facilities and entertainment.


Long Island has a number of walks to enjoy.

Outer Reef

Arrange an outer reef cruise and board the ferry at the wharf.

100 Magic Miles C4
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