Pre-departure Briefing

Embarking on a bareboat charter is an exhilarating experience, promising adventure and discovery on the open seas. However, before setting sail into the horizon, ensuring a comprehensive briefing is conducted is paramount. This briefing serves as a vital preparatory step, equipping all involved with the knowledge and understanding necessary for a safe, enjoyable, and successful voyage.

What is a Briefing for a Bareboat Charter?

A briefing for a bareboat charter is a comprehensive session aimed at familiarizing the charterers and crew with all aspects of the vessel and the journey ahead. It typically covers essential components such as safety protocols, vessel operations, navigation techniques, local regulations, emergency procedures, and more. Each element plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone on board throughout the holiday.

Why Conduct a Briefing Before Departure?

Safety First

The primary reason for conducting a briefing before departure is to prioritize safety. Understanding safety procedures, emergency protocols, and the proper use of safety equipment significantly minimizes risks while at sea.


A comprehensive briefing allows everyone on board to familiarize themselves with the vessel, its equipment, navigation tools, and specific operational procedures. This familiarity fosters confidence and competence among the crew, crucial for a smooth voyage.

Legal Compliance

Additionally, briefings cover local maritime laws and regulations, ensuring compliance. This knowledge prevents inadvertent violations that could disrupt the journey or lead to legal complications.

Benefits of Conducting a Briefing

Enhanced Experience

A well-informed crew leads to a more enjoyable sailing experience. Understanding the vessel and its systems enhances comfort and allows for better navigation, ensuring a smoother journey.

Confidence Building

Knowledge gained during the briefing boosts confidence levels among charterers and crew members. This confidence is invaluable when facing unforeseen challenges while at sea.

Risk Mitigation

Comprehensive briefings enable the anticipation and mitigation of potential problems. This proactive approach reduces the likelihood of incidents and equips the crew to manage any emergent situations effectively.

The Briefing Process


We meticulously prepare for briefings, ensuring that all necessary information is covered and compile detailed materials and checklists to guarantee nothing essential is overlooked.


The briefing is conducted by a knowledgeable and qualified representative and takes place in-person on board your vessel on the morning of departure commencing at 8:30am. It covers the charter area and operation of the vessel hired and can take up to 4 hours. A short quiz is to be completed at the end to ensure the briefing has been understood.

Interactive Elements

To enhance understanding, interactive elements such as hands-on demonstrations and Q&A sessions are included. These elements encourage active participation and deeper engagement. Attendance is encouraged by as many crew as possible. The primary charter guest and at least one other crew member must particiapte in the briefing and both over the age of 18 years old.

Tips for Making the Most of a Charter Briefing

Active Participation

Charterers and crew members are encouraged to actively engage during the briefing. Asking questions and seeking clarifications help in better comprehension.

Follow-Up Questions

It's essential to ask follow-up questions to clarify any doubts or uncertainties. You can always contact us on the VHF radio during your charter for further clarification

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