Four people at a look out, Whitsundays

In the Whitsundays

With over 24 different bushwalks on the Whitsunday islands alone offering amazing views, you're spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing one during your bareboat charter. Put on your walking shoes, grab some water or even pack a picnic and enjoy the views when you get to the top.

Whitsunday Island

Solway Circuit, 1.2km return. Allow 40mins

Wander along this one-way circuit from Whitehaven beach uphill to a natural rock platform with spectacular views over Solway Passage and the surrounding islands.

Headland track, 750m headland track. Allow 30mins

This is a premier walk. You’ll see Whitehaven Beach’s 7km shoreline with uninterrupted views. And get a closer look at the enthralling Solway Passage. There’s fascinating rock formations and wonderful views of the Whitsunday Island peaks and the islands dotted in a sparkling sea.

Hill Inlet lookout track, 1.3km return. Allow 40mins

Take an uphill wander to multiple lookouts for stunning vistas over Hill Inlet’s turquoise waters and white sweeping sands—a highly-significant area to the Ngaro people. Access the track from Hill Inlet or Tongue Bay.

Chance Bay track, 7.2km return. Allow 2.5–3hrs

Follow this track through some of Whitsunday Island’s more secluded areas to peaceful Chance Bay. This delightful walk branches off the Solway circuit.

Beach track, 500m return. Allow 20mins

Branch off the Hill Inlet lookout track and head downhill to the bright-white, quartz sands of Hill Inlet and across to Whitehaven Beach, considered one of the top ten beaches in the world.

Dugong-Sawmill track, 3km return. Allow 1hr

Walk under stands of giant rainforest trees and solitaire palms before entering what seems a fairyland of mosses, lichens and fungi on this semi-shaded walk from Dugong Beach to Sawmill Beach.

Whitsunday Peak track, 5km return. Allow 4hrs

Walk uphill from Sawmill Beach day-use area to windblown heaths, for impressive vistas from the ‘roof of the Whitsundays’.

Whitsunday Cairn track, 4km return. Allow 3hrs+

Walk from Cairn Beach—Whitsunday’s most northerly beach—up to a ridge covered with giant grasstrees. It’s steep and challenging, but what a view— simply breathtaking.

Langford Island

300m one way. Allow 20 mins. Stroll the mangrove lined shore before gently walking uphill through mixed tall trees, small ferns and orchids. Marvel at the remarkable Whitsunday Bottle Trees and enjoy views along the island’s spit to nearby Black and Hook Islands.

Hook Island

Ngaro cultural site, 340m return. Allow 20mins

Protected from the elements in a oncehidden cave, the Ngaro people adorned the fragile rock surface with their artwork over the last 9000 years. Clamber up a short, and initially steep track with steps, to a viewing platform at the cave’s entrance.

Haslewood Island

Chalkies Lookout

300m one way. Allow 20 mins. Leave Chalkies Beach behind as you walk uphill to the island’s rocky headland. Passing through a natural gully of shady eucalypts and grasstrees, you are rewarded with spectacular island and sea views from the lookout.

Border Island

1.2km return. Allow 1hr. Explore ashore and enjoy Cateran Bay from above on this short walk. After an initial steep ascent, meander along the island’s saddle of native grassland and enjoy views from two diverse lookouts.

Conway National Park on the mainland

Coastal Fringe circuit

1.2km circuit. Allow 45mins walking, 15mins riding.

Start at Conway National Park day-use area and walk or ride around the circuit track. There’s a small tidal creek to cross.

Hayward Gully

3.2km return. Allow 1.5hrs walking, 30mins riding.

Follow the Hayward Gully circuit, off the Coastal Fringe circuit to lowland rainforest and rocky gullies.

Swamp Bay

4.2km return. Allow 1.5hrs walking, 30mins riding

From Mount Rooper car park, walk around the foot of Mount Rooper to Swamp Bay. It’s beautiful at high tide and in midwinter, when there’s fewer mosquitoes and midges. Bring lots of drinking water and energy snacks, as it’s a hot, hard walk.

Mount Rooper lookout

4.6km return. Allow 2.5hrs.

Take a challenging uphill walk through woodland plant communities. Soak up the panoramic vista of the Whitsunday Passage and islands. Return the same way you came.

Coral Beach

2.2km return. Allow 1.5hrs walking.

Enjoy a fantastic, family day walk to Coral Beach, with glorious views across the Whitsunday Passage. To get there, drive towards Shute Haven and park just off the road near the Coral Beach track entrance. The beach is exposed and on hot days can be sweltering.

Kingfisher circuit

2km return. Allow 45mins–1.5hrs.

This is a great walk for the family, although strenuous, and is a Ranger’s favourite. It starts at the Forestry Road car park. After many stairs you’ll re-join the main track—a shared-use track (walkers and riders)—to return to the car park.

Honeyeater lookout

8.2km return. Allow 3–4hrs walking, 2hrs riding.

This rugged track is a favourite for those up for a fitness challenge, both walking and riding. Known as a good ‘leg-stretch’ of a walk, with some gradients being up to 35 degrees within the first 2km, it’s strenuous in parts, exposed and hot, but the views are worth every step. Start at the Conway circuit track entrance near Kara Crescent in Airlie Beach. The turnoff to the lookout is 2.3km along this track and it leads to a ridge and lookout with views over Cannonvale and the Whitsunday islands.

Download the Whitsunday National Parks guide for more information.