Check your experience

How much boating experience do you need?

Formal qualifications aren't required to hire a bareboat in Queensland, however some nautical knowledge is. On the morning of departure at 8:30am, the two most experienced people will be briefed on the safe operation of the vessel, passage planning, navigation and hazzards to be aware of and a practical assessment on laying and picking up the anchor, picking up, securing and dropping moorings and hoisting, tacking and dropping the sails (if applicable). This can take up to 4 hours, so having some nautical experience will help demonstrate to us your competence in operating the vessel in a safe manner.

For $200, you can hire your briefer for an additional 2 hours if you have some experience but has been quite some time since you have handled a vessel, or you can have a full time sail guide for the duration of your charter for $375 per day (private cabin and catering provided by the charter guests).

Introductory skipper and navigation course

Partnering with NAVatHOMEAustralia, the Introductory Navigation and Skipper Course is the perfect introduction to helming your own yacht around the Whitsundays. Covering basic navigation fundamentals and chartwork, tidal height calculations, use of on board safety equipment and weather systems, this online course can be used to prepare for your charter and later upgrade to a Royal Yachting Association (RYA) accredited Day Skipper.

Take our informal test below and see how you score on your level of experience.

Experience Calculator

Charter experience (select one)
I have chartered in the Whitsundays before
I have chartered with Cumberland in the last three years
I have chartered with Cumberland more than three years ago
I have chartered a boat elsewhere
I have a member of the crew who has chartered before
No charter experience at this stage
Sailing experience (select one)
I am chartering a motor boat
I sail regularly in club outings
I have been a crew member on sailing yachts
I have sailed on small cats off the beach
I have no sailing experience
I have completed the following course(s)
Offshore Skipper or equivalent
Inshore Skipper or equivalent
Coxswains or equivalent
Recreational boat licence
You or your crew
Have years of experience around boats
Have been boating a couple of times
Have spent their entire life at Alice Springs, or similarly arid place
General experience
I have been in charge of a vessel greater than 30 feet/ 10 metres
I have anchored a vessel overnight
I have never anchored a vessel
I have been on a boat greater than 30 feet/ 10 metres, but not in charge
I have never used an electric anchor winch on a vessel greater than 30 feet/ 10 metres
I have two way radio experience
I have been boating on small fishing boats
I have never been boating
I understand tides and their effect on boating
I have never used a tide chart
I understand navigation and distances on water
I have never had to navigate myself
I have looked at marine charts before and have some knowledge of line of sight navigation