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5 Top Tips and Essential Items for the Ladies on a Bareboat Charter 9:00am, Mon 23 Sep 2019

Apart from the obvious essential items required on a bareboat charter such as fuel, provisioning, a good sense of direction and basic boating experience, there are other items (or habits) that we become accustomed to living in the comforts of our own homes. Long hot showers, washing clothes, blow-drying hair and charging appliances are just some of the luxuries that you realise you take for granted until you can't have them when you want them.

Whilst all charter boats are fitted with water tank capacities between 260L - 1000L, everyone on board should be conscious of how much water is being consumed by showering or washing up in the galley sink. If you run out of water, you'll need to either come back into Abell Point Marina, or Hamilton Island to refill the tanks and this can take a few hours to do depending on where you are around the islands.

If the bareboat isn't fitted with a generator, a small or large invertor is supplied which will convert 12volt electricity into 240volt suitable to power most appliances such as mobile phone chargers, however the use of such appliances come at the expense of battery storage.

So in the name of comfort and sanity for the ladies out there, here are our 5 top tips and essential items of making life on a bareboat charter more comfortable.

2 pairs of swimmers or boardshorts

You'll be spending most of your time either in the water snorkelling and swimming, or on the boat so let one pair of swimmers dry while you wear the other.

Back deck showers

To conserve fresh water, leave it until the very end of the day after your last swim and have a quick shower in your swimmers on the back deck of the boat using the deck shower. Then dry off and get changed into something comfortable for the evening. Live like a real sailor and get in to the spirit and save the hot water showers for the middle and end of your charter.

Comfy clothes

Unless you plan on walking the red carpet during your bareboat charter, pack a light bag with a couple of pairs of long cotton pants or shorts and loose singlet, 2 sarongs and a slip dress. Trust us, that's all you'll feel like wearing after a day sailing and being in the sun.

Beauty items

For most, guys don't mind growing a 3 day growth but for woman, we still want to feel clean and comfortable. Forget about make-up! Bring a pack of face wipes (which are excellent to use after a day in the sun, especially if they've been kept in the fridge for the day), after sun gel, toner, body and face moisturiser and spray leave-in conditioner for your hair. Viola!

Power bank batteries

Precharge a few power bank batteries and bring with you on your charter. Not only will your appliances be forever charged, but you won't drain the boat batteries of their charge. (Sorry ladies, but a hairdryer is not an essential item on a charter. They are not supplied on the boats so you'll have to dry your hair in the warm balmy breeze of the Whitsundays)

By following these simple tips will have you packing what you need and ditching the rest, conserving water and battery power and still feel like you have the usual luxuries of being at home.

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