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A little "Slice Of Nature" for your charter. 9:41am, Tue 19 Sep 2017

While you're sailing out around the beautiful Whitsunday Islands, the last thing you want is to have the spectacular sunsets interrupted by the fact that you have hide away in the kitchen for the next couple of hours preparing dinner. Slice Of Nature Marine Provisioning takes away all that hassle by pre-preparing, slicing, dicing, portioning and packaging all the ingredients for every meal. Everything is stickered with "Day Dots" saying what day and what meal they are to be eaten at. This gives you a bit more time to enjoy what's really important while you're bareboating, ... your company and the views!

Now, packing your fridge and freezer may seem like a game of Tetris but my top tip is to pack from back to front, last to first. That is the food that you'll be eating later on in your travels go at the back of the fridge and, where possible, in the freezer.

Fridge space is like gold on your charter vessel so anything that doesn't need to be kept cool should stay out of it. Long life milk is your best friend. Keep one bottle in the fridge at all times and the rest will happily sit out in the galley.

The beauty of Slice Of Nature Marine Provisioning is that all the vegetables come pre-prepared and vacuum sealed. The size difference between a whole broccoli and a broccoli that has been cut in to florets and vacuum packed is remarkable! Were talking about a wee little package that is now about 1/4 the size of the broccoli that you'd pick up and buy from the supermarket. This makes a huge difference when fridge and freezer space is so limited.

If this is your first bareboat charter, we encourage you to find a provisioning service to provide for your boat. The first day of your charter is going to be very busy. You'll have to attend a charter briefing which can take some time. And, let's not forget, if this is your first bareboat charter for a week or more on a boat you've never sailed to a location you may never have sailed in you're going to be more than a little preoccupied. Navigation, anchoring and your ability to handle the boat.

Slice Of Nature caters for all dietary requirements and provides a healthy, wholesome option for provisioning as you navigate your way through the Whitsunday Islands.

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