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How to find the Perfect Bareboat for your Holiday in the Whitsundays 11:25am, Tue 15 Oct 2019

So many questions come to mind straight away when you first hear or think about chatering a bareboat in the Whitsundays - Do I need a licence? How do I know where to go? Where do I even start planning?! Cumberland Charter Yachts are here and ready to help find you the perfect bareboat for your charter and answer any questions but before giving us a call here are a few things to consider so you're armed with the information we need to help find you a boat.

1. Choose your Crew

Choose people you enjoy spending time with and share a similar sense of adventure. There's no point inviting anyone who doesn't like the wind in their hair, salty and sun-kissed skin, exploring secluded bays or snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef! Understanding who you want to invite and therefore the number of people will help us determine the size of the boat you will need to charter.

2. Sail or Motor

Do you or the crew have any sailing experience? Do you prefer a stable and horizontal deck at all times? Here are a few key characteristics of each boat type that may help narrow down the type of boat to hire:

Sailing Yacht

  • Single hull
  • Heels (leans over) when under sail
  • Less deck space than a catamaran
  • Requires some understanding of how to sail
  • Best when there is at least 10knots of wind
  • No licence required

  • Sailing Catamaran

  • Twin hull
  • Doesn't heel (lean over) when under sail
  • More deck space for everyone to walk around on
  • Requires some understanding of how to sail
  • Best when there is at least 10 knots of wind
  • No licence required

  • Power Catamaran

  • Twin hull
  • Doesn't heel (lean over)
  • Doesn't require any sailing experience
  • More deck space for everyone to walk around on
  • Doesn't require any wind
  • Rely entirely on the engines to get from A to B
  • No licence required

  • 3. Sleeping Arrangements

    Our bareboats are different in size and shape and therefore unique internal layouts. Some vessels have single and double beds, while others have only doubles, so consider who will be sharing with who and what sleeping arrangements are needed.
    If you have young children they may be able to share a  double bed, or on some vessels, there are single hull beds perfectly sized for a child so be sure to tell us their ages so we can determine if those beds are suitable for their height/age.

    4. Budget

    Charter rates vary depending on the time of year, the size of the boat, age of the vessel and how long you want to charter it for. Cumberland Charter Yachts have a 3 night minimum charter period and the longer you charter it for, the cheaper the daily rates get. If you have a set budget, let us know what it is. Sharing the costs amongst each other works out to be a very cost effective holiday choice considering the uniqueness of the holiday and the beautiful surroundings you'll be in. You won't find yourself waking up in a serene bay and snorkelling straight out the back door at a resort now will you?

    Contact us today and let us find the perfect bareboat for your next holiday in the Whitsundays.

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