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Whitsunday Reef and Island Symposium

Inaugural Whitsunday Reef and Island Symposium 3:10pm, Mon 20 May 2019

Taking place in Airlie Beach on the 29th May will be the inaugural symposium hosted by an award-winning bareboat company in partnership with government agencies and marine experts.

Cumberland Charter Yachts’ Master Reef Guide, Terry Kemp, along with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA), Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) and self-proclaimed Great Barrier Reef Naturalist Tony Fontes are inviting the community and marine tourism staff to attend the symposium held at Lure, Abell Point Marina.

The objective is to educate and enhance people’s knowledge about the health of the reef and national parks and how people can play a part in protecting our tourism assets so they become ambassadors with up to date information from experts in their field and impart that knowledge to tourists from a positive perspective.

Cumberland Charter Yachts’ General Manager Sharon McNally said it was important for tourists to leave the Whitsundays with positive memories about the health and wellbeing of the reef and national parks.

“Too many people who visit the reef think that it is dead, when really, it’s not. Everyone, both locals and tourism operators, need to stop comparing the now, to pre-cyclones.

Hopefully hearing from the experts, the symposium will help people understand what it really going on out there” said McNally.

Guest speakers include Tony Fontes, Alex Hoffman from QPWS and Fiona Merida from the GBRMPA.

Terry said that we are so fortunate to live, work and operate tourism businesses in one of the most beautiful places on earth, rich in its flora, fauna, marine diversity, culture and history.

“I strongly feel we do not promote these assets enough and hope to create community awareness and a sense of ownership encompassing all our underutilised assets and how to look after them” said Kemp.

The free Symposium will be held at Lure, Abell Point Marina on the 29th May from 9am – 12:30pm. Limited seats available. Light refreshments provided. Tickets available at

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