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Notice to Guests of Cumberland Charter Yachts 1:47pm, Fri 21 Sep 2018

Dear Guests of Cumberland Charter Yachts,

In light of the recent shark incidents that have occurred in the Whitsundays, Cumberland Charter Yachts would like to personally assure that our guest’s health and safety, along with your enjoyment, is paramount to our business.

While the incidents this week are very rare and unfortunate, it is a reminder that exploring the spectacular natural beauty of the ocean does pose risks.

We advise all current and future guests that they are not permitted to swim at Cid Harbour off Whitsunday Island until further notice.

Furthermore, we offer this safety advice to guests entering the water:
• DO NOT swim directly from the back of the boat.
• DO NOT swim at dusk or dawn.
• Never swim at night.
• Always snorkel in buddie pairs.
• Do not dispose of food scraps or fish carcasses from fishing into the ocean.
• Do not swim in murky water.

Cid Harbour, while a good sheltered anchorage, is not a known or popular swimming/snorkelling destination in the Whitsundays and well away from the popular destinations in the Whitsundays for which it is famous for.

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) is aware that sharks move in and out of the area around Cid Harbour.

Sharks are possibly attracted to the Cid Harbour area by the large number of vessels which anchor overnight and the behaviour of disposing of food or fishing scraps overboard. This is a practice both CCY and the Department of Environment and Science discourages.

The Department of Environment and Science are managing the situation and fisheries are patrolling the area.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any concerns.

Management & Crew at Cumberland Charter Yachts
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