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Packing and planning tips for the responsible traveller 12:36pm, Wed 21 Nov 2018

Cumberland Charter Yachts is an Eco-accredited company backed by a strong, well managed commitment to sustainable best practices and provides a high quality nature-based tourism experience. As a traveller, it is important to minimise your carbon footprint and to travel responsibly.

The packing and planning process of a bareboat holiday is an exciting time, but sustainability considerations are often left by the way side amongst all the hype of getting out the door. With a little forward planning, you can do your part to help the environment. Here are some tips on how you can be environmentally friendly on your next holiday.

1. Sip sustainably

Whether you're sipping a cocktail on the back of your bareboat, on a secluded beach, or poolside at an island resort, you can minimise your single use plastic by packing a metal reusable straw in your bag and requesting your drink without a straw. Help make the Whitsundays plastic straw free.

2. Save your money on H2O

Your bareboat comes with full tanks of fresh water, however you may prefer to buy some. Skip buying individual plastic water bottles to take on the boat with you. Purchase water in a large carton and pack a refillable metal water bottle. You’ll not only save money, but you’ll be minimising plastic waste.

3. Carry your shopping in style

What’s a holiday without a bit of shopping? Whether that be from the bustling resort town of Airlie Beach or souvenir shops at island resorts, pack a few reusable totes and you’ll be going about your day in style whilst minimising your carbon footprint.
*From July 1 2018, retailers in Queensland were banned by state government from providing shoppers with single use lightweight plastic bags. Read our blog here

4. Guiltfree takeaway

Nothing says ‘holiday’ like sitting in a café and sipping a coffee without having to rush out to make it to work, but if you’re an eager explorer and want to hit the streets before the masses then pack your keep cup – that way you can get your coffee to go without feeling guilty.

5. Travel with flexibility

While your bareboat comes with linen and towels included, bring a quick-drying microfiber towel with you - not only will you save room in your luggage (hooray!), it will also dry a lot quicker in between swims than an ordinary towel.

6. Savvy space saving

Why not invest in package free personal care products? You’ll save space and weight in your luggage and reduce your carbon footprint in the process.

7. Sun safety done right

Many sunscreens contain active ingredients that contribute to bleaching and harm marine life; make the simple swap to ocean friendly sunscreen to protect the reef life too. The sun is very strong in Queensland so be sure to use 40+ - 50+ factor sunscreen.

8. Read smarter

Avoid purchasing books for your travels and instead download eBooks and digital travel guides to reduce paper waste and save space in your luggage. There are 240V invertors on bareboats that don't have generators but perhaps bring a pre-charged battery charger with you too.

9. Flick the switch

Before setting off on your holiday, turn off all the power points and unplug any electronics that aren’t needed while you’re away. If you have a modern refrigerator, switch it to holiday mode to reduce the electricity consumption whilst keeping any leftover food safe for when you get home.

10. Do your research

CCY are an eco-accredited company. Why not choose other companies to stay with on your travels who also have the same accreditation.

11. 12. Eat locally

Treat your senses by eating locally sourced and created food - this will reduce carbon emissions, support local producers and give you a real taste of the destination. Our local provisioning companiesonly source the freahest produce and seafood and have them delivered straight to your bareboat.


Cumberland Charter Yachts is an award-winning company providing exceptional holiday experiences, leaving customers with a lifetime of memories that exceed all expectations.

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