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Preparing For Your Charter 10:47am, Mon 08 Oct 2018

Once you've booked your charter, completed your Experience Summary, listed all your crew, booked any water sport equipment you might like, decided on the type of insurance to purchase, organised your provisioning and booked your flights and airport or ferry transfers, you'd think there wouldn't be much else to do in preparation for your charter apart from turning up on the day of your departure. While all vessels are equipped with everything you need for a comfortable holiday, there are a few more things that need to be done before you set sail.


Arrive at the Cumberland Charter Yachts office at 8:30am. Settle any outstanding payments with our reservations team, organise stinger suits with us and we'll introduce you to your Briefer. They will arrange a trolley for you to load your luggage and other items in to and take you to your bareboat to start your briefing. At this time, they'll also take you to Aqua Dive to get you fitted with your snorkeling equipment.

Snorkeling Equipment

Shortly after arrival, your Briefer will take you downstairs to Aqua Dive where everyone will get fitted with their snorkeling equipment.


Only the 2 most experienced people need to sit in on the briefing which can take between 3 - 4 hours. You will be taken through the vessel and shown everything you need to know to operate it safely; how to turn the engines on, bilge pumps, light switches, safety procedures etc and if you have hired a sailing catamaran, some practical skills just outside the marina including hoisting sails, tacking/jibing, picking up a mooring and dropping/raising the anchor. The rest of the crew can occupy themselves in town, or go to the supermarket to do your provisioning if you haven't already arranged it with local provisioning companies who will deliver the food to your boat for you.

Packing Provisioning

It is a good idea to know the size of the fridges and freezers on the boat you have hired so that you can plan your meals accordingly and it's always best to pack the food first for meals later in the charter so that you're not pulling everything out to get to items you need on days 1 & 2. If you decided to use the local provisioning companies and are chartering for 7+ days, they will re-provision and deliver fresh food to you at a convenient anchorage at a nearby island. Saves you having to come back in to Abell Point or go to Hamilton Island to stock up on more food!

Ready To Set Sail

Once your captain and first mate have completed the briefing and you've got your food and snorkeling equipment, you are ready to set sail! Soon after you've left the marina, you'll make a quick radio call to our base to make sure the communication lines are working clearly and once done, you're ready to make your way to your first stop. We'll then be in touch with you twice a day, morning and afternoon, to give you an updated weather forecast and check what your plans are for the day.

Call us today on 1800 075 101 and we can help you find the perfect boat for your next holiday. Or, go online and check our rates and boat availability.


Cumberland Charter Yachts is an award-winning company providing exceptional holiday experiences, leaving customers with a lifetime of memories that exceed all expectations.

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