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Responsible Reef Practices - Tip 3 'Waste (including sewage) and Litter 12:32pm, Tue 27 Apr 2021

Cumberland Charter Yachts are dedicated to Eco-tourism, and have been a certified Eco-tourism operator since 2015, promoting sustainable travel that benefits local communities, culture and heritage to minimise impacts on the environment. We believe it is our responsibility to educate all our charter guests on environmental sustainability.

On your charter, you'll enjoy the many different activities and experiences the Great Barrier Reef and Whitsunday islands offer and it's important to enjoy them in a responsible and environmentally 'reef friendly' way. Cumberland Charter Yachts have written our own Responsible Reef Practice's guide with a copy provided on each charter yacht. Here we'll share with you the many ways that you can help us keep the Great Barrier Reef and Whitsundays pristine for years to come and enjoy your charter holiday in a sustainable way.

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Waste (including sewege) and Litter

The Great Barrier Reef's crystal clear turquoise water is one of its most alluring qualities and never fails to draw gasps of delight and amazement.
How you dispose of wastewater and litter can make a big difference to the quality of the water. Wastewater may contain high levels of nutrients, and coral reef ecology is extremely sensitive to even a slight decline in water quality.
Litter is unsightly and a significant danger to wildlife. There is also a great need for caution in your use of chemicals. By chemicals, we mean all the substances you use in your operation, both the hazardous and the harmless.
Please continue to help keep the Reef beautiful and safe by observing these very simple, yet incredibly important practices.

Grey Water

  • Cumberland Charter Yachts use biodegradable and environmentally friendly chemicals
         for cleaning and maintenance

  • Litter

  • Do not throw rubbish (such as food scraps, plastic, paper, fishing gear and      
         cigarette butts) overboard - take it back to shore for proper disposal
  • When discharging the holding tanks, make sure you're as far as possible from reefs and islands.
  • Secure all loose articles, clothing and towels on the deck, to prevent them blowing
         off or accidentally falling overboard
  • Retrieve everything dropped overboard
  • Retrieve all entangled fishing gear, where possible
  • Collect all litter from the water and the reef whenever you see it.

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