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The essentials of Charter Boat Ownership 1:48pm, Thu 07 Mar 2019

Register today, join the webinar on Wednesday 10 April at 1pm and ask the experts how successful charter boat programs run in Australia.

Learn why charter boat programs are a popular means of ownership

We will explain why hundreds of boat owners choose to run their boats in managed charter companies around Australia.

Ask the experts your questions

How do you get finance? How many bookings should we expect? What return is common? What boats are suitable? We will be answering these questions and more...please submit your own questions about how ownership programs work and how to be successful at this venture.

Understand the key elements to be successful

Bring together the key people and elements to make a charter boat work and help justify the investment for an exceptional cruising catamaran much earlier in life.

Guest Speakers

Brent Vaughan
Managing Director of Multihull Central

Charter boat importer and charter boat owner.

Sharon McNally
General Manager of Cumberland Charter Yachts, Whitsundays

15 years in the bareboat and travel industry in Australia she is a keen sailor herself and has a passion for all things Whitsundays and boats. "Growing up in the UK we travelled all over Europe, racing B49, GP14 and Fireballs, often relegated to trolley dolly as I cook a mean bacon butty".

Now an industry expert and President of the Whitsunday Charter Boat Industry Association (WBOA), Sharon gives her advice on what works for charter.

John Eldick
Sum+ Mortgage Broker  

John has assisted several customers successfully gain finance on charter boats in Australia.

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