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What to consider when choosing the best charter options to Gobareboating 7:45pm, Thu 13 Jun 2019

Cumberland Charter yachts have a diverse range of vessels ranging from Sailing Monohulls 32-43 feet, Sailing Catamarans 32-47 feet or our Motor Catamarans 35-44 feet.
Your experience level will determine what type of vessel is the best choice for you, let's get the comparisons started.

Sailing Monohull:
If the idea of the wind blowing in your hair as you fill the sails, lean over and take off under your own steam excites you, and you have previous sailing experience then our range of Sailing monohulls will be the type of bareboat for you.

*A monohull will be much more responsive, they are much more manoeuvrable and is faster to respond to the helm than a catamaran.
*Monohulls with the same layout/equal sleeping capacity are generally more economical to charter than a catamaran.
*Not much can match the exhilaration of sailing a monohull.
*Fuel efficient.
*Great for an intimate holiday.

Sailing Catamarans:
You love the feel of sailing but you have a lot of friends/family who want to join you, let's be honest mentioning you are going on Charter bareboating in the Whitsundays and you will find you have more friends than you ever realised.

*Stability is a big plus for families and land lubbers who are not particularly steady on their feet
*The galley on most CCY vessels have main salon and cockpit all on one level "above the waterline" making chartering much more enjoyable and great option for the sea sickness prone people.
*Catamarans have a trampoline (space between the hulls) for sunbathing and stargazing.
*Shallow draft for entering inlets and bays
*Lots of space.

Motor Catamarans:
If you have previous boating experience (tinny, regular fishing trips etc.) we have a range of charter boats for you.
No sails or masts to fiddle with, you have a whole flybridge to explore the Whitsundays. Giving you, the best vantage point for wildlife sightings and mooring/anchoring.

*With a powerboat, you jump in, turn the key, rev the motor and off you go. You can leave anytime, go any direction in a straight line and know almost exactly when you'll arrive.
*You are required to motor any vessel for up to 4 hours per day to maintain the battery life
*No messy lines and ropes to contend with = more deck space.

If you are still unsure, yacht selection boils down to four major qualifiers
1. Personal preference/experience level?
2. What suits your crew best?
3. Your holiday budget?
4. Yacht availability for your chosen dates?

My best advice is to pick the vessel you are going to confidently navigate around the Whitsundays. Considering the vessel size, sails or motors, number of berths required for you and your crew.
Still not sure call our team today for our top tips and recommendation. 1800 075 101

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