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When is the best time to visit the Whitsundays? 10:00am, Wed 20 Jan 2021

There is no definitive answer as to when you should visit the Whitsundays as your reason for travel is different to everyone else's. You may live in colder climates and want to escape the winter cold during May, June, July to thaw out in a warmer climate and get some vitamin D; you may have school aged children making school holidays the only time you have to get away and spend some time with them, or you may be a bronzed sun lover and want to be in the warm tropics for summer. Whatever the reason for your travel, here are some insights that may help you make a decision as to when to visit the Whitsundays.


The September / October school holidays each year is the most popular time for the bareboat industry. This is natural as spring is in the air, the day time and water temps are near perfect and the south-east trade winds back off, replaced with 2-5 days at a time of  light Northerlies.

The peak season of September and October has a substantial price difference over mid season. If you can visit outside school holidays, then come in early September or late October as you will find rates are better. For those looking for better swimming temps work toward October.


November / December days are a time when you sleep under a sheet only in the Whitsundays, you wake in the morning to glorious days where the obvious thing to do is to jump in the water off the boat for a morning swim and cool down before enjoying breakfast on the back deck of the boat. This is also a time when we start to see the wet season kick in, so be prepared for some precipitation followed by bright blue skies again and high humidity as the moisture from the land rises with the heat. Head to Cedar Creek Falls after a downpour for a swim under the waterfall.


February/March is the quietest time in the Whitsundays, so if you want to avoid the crowds and pick up a great deal on your bareboat charter, consider travelling during this time.

June to September

June to September is certainly the most picturesque time in the region, however not as popular to travel as Easter and the September school holidays as most splash out on their holidays at Easter and save up again for September and Christmas. You'll experience warm balmy days with crisp blue skies followed by cool evenings. The humpback whales begin their annual migration north and come to the Whitsundays to give birth to their young in the warmer shallow waters of the islands. Regular sightings of humpback whales and their calves are a welcome hazzard as you sail around on your bareboat.

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