Itinerary Planning

Would you like to make some plans about the places you can visit on your holiday? Check out our sample itinerary, see where others have gone or create your own interary based upon your preferred activities. Your Briefer will help pencil out and plan an itinerary based on the tides and weather forecast taking place during your charter.

Sample Itinerary

Click here to view our sample itinerary. It takes in some of the most frequently visited spots and incorporates most of the activities that the Whitsundays are so famous for.
See where others have gone

Click here to enter our charter history area. You can enter the details of your likely charter vessel and visit time. We will then show you a selection of actual intineraries for past charters in similar vessels.

Itinerary Planner
This is our favourite tool. Enter the details of your preferred holiday and activity preferences and we will present a list of anchorages for you to visit each day, along with the activities available at that anchorage. You can then view additional information about each anchorage and make a selection of places to visit on your holiday. Please keep in mind that weather and tide conditions could interfere with the plan you come up with.
To enter the Itinerary Planner, you may have to register first, if you not already known to us. We promise not to endlessly email you or similar, but do ask that you enrol for our once a year email newsletter.

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Towing Lures
Towing a lure is a great way to catch dinner as you cruise, but ensure you retrieve it if you enter a Green Zone. Its easy to forget!

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