Sail Guides

Are you planning a bareboating holiday in the Whitsundays but questioning your level of experience? In Queensland, there are no boating license requirements to charter a bareboat; however, your experience and boating know-how are crucial to ensuring everyone's safety and enjoyment on board.

Upon your initial inquiry with us, we will ask about your boating experience and assist in finding a suitable vessel based on your answers and other charter requirements, such as the number of people accompanying you. Take the time to try our experience calculator and follow our tips to enhance your experience level if it indicates a low score.

As part of our preparation, our qualified and experienced Bareboat Briefers will demonstrate how your vessel operates, explaining its detailed workings and practical operations, such as picking up a mooring, dropping and raising the anchor, and hoisting, tacking, and jibing sails if you've opted for a sailboat. This not only provides a visual indication of your confidence but also ensures that you can undertake these tasks safely. The briefing typically takes between 3 to 4 hours and starts at 8:30 am on the day of departure.

As the captain of your own craft, you'll have numerous decisions to make. If you feel uneasy about handling your vessel, why not take advantage of our Sail Guide hire? Even experienced skippers may find the first couple of days charter overwhelming, balancing the safe operation of an unfamiliar vessel with training the crew (whether family or friends) in boat handling. Hiring a Sail Guide can alleviate the stress of learning new skills, get your crew up to speed, and boost your confidence in boat handling.

Our Sail Guides will:

  • Provide you with a wealth of knowledge and information about the beautiful Whitsundays
  • Share insider information on the best snorkel locations, anchorages, and fishing spots
  • Familiarize you with the yacht, its systems and handling
  • Assist with sails and anchoring (as every boat is unique)
  • Instruct anchoring and mooring techniques
  • Cover on-board safety, including man overboard procedures
  • Teach sailing techniques

  • For an additonal cost you can hire a Sail Guide for up to 3+ hours in addition to the brief, or on a per day basis (a private cabin on board and food must be provided by you for an overnight Sail Guide)

    More often than not, charterers feel confident after their briefing and are ready to set sail. We are only a VHF radio call away if you need assistance with anything, and our experienced staff can guide you through any operational aspects of the boat you have hired.

    Introductory Skipper and Navigation Course

    Partnering with NAVatHOMEAustralia, the Fundamental Skipper and Navigation course is the perfect introduction to helming your own yacht around the Whitsundays. Covering basic navigation fundamentals and chartwork, tidal height calculations, use of on board safety equipment and weather systems, this online course can be used to prepare for your charter and later upgrade to a Royal Yachting Association (RYA) accredited Day Skipper and the perfect accompaniment to your bareboat charter.

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