Scuba Diving in the Whitsundays

scuba diver

The Whitsundays and the surrounding hundred or so miles of Great Barrier Reef Marine Park offer a variety of diving and snorkelling opportunities as the islands have fringing coral reefs which are home to an abundance of coral and fish life. Diving is well catered for in the area giving you the choice of 'getting your feet wet' for beginners at mainland and island resort pools, to full certificate courses, to extended excursions to the outer reef on board purpose built dive vessels. For bareboaters, you might like to have an instructor run a private course for you and your friends on your yacht or you can join up with a dive boat at various locations throughout the islands.

There are restrictions on certain recreational activities that are permitted to take place in the Whitsundays which are explained in your area brief and a Zoning Information Map is also provided on board your bareboat. 

Certified Divers

Aqua Dive is located underneath the Cumberland Charter Yachts office at Coral Sea Marina where you can hire your dive gear or you can bring your own. A current dive card must be presented before hiring equipment. Cumberland Charter Yachts restrict the number of dive tanks allowed on the bareboats, so please discuss your dive plans with us in the lead up to your charter. Dive locations can be found in the 100 Magic Miles. A copy is provided on board your bareboat or you can purchase one on our website and we'll post it to you.

There are a number of day boats that offer diving around the islands and the outer reef. Please contact them directly to discuss meeting up with them at a convenient rendezvous point around the islands.

Resort Dives

Never tried scuba diving? Why not try it in the warm waters of the Whitsundays? 
You don't need to be certified if you want to try your hand at scuba diving. Rendezvous with a day boat that offers diving, and the PADI dive instructor will teach you the necessary skills to start blowing bubbles. You'll be guided at all times with most day boats visiting a number of locations throughout the day.